Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For those who are interested, we kept a detailed account of each expense over the last 6 months and I have attached a graphical summary by country and expense type below. If anyone has a more specific inquiry please feel free to e-mail us for details. Enjoy.

A few notes about the graphs:
1) We only spent 48 hours in Hondurus and paid $70 USD to enter (due in part to corrupt border officials). This is why the average daily expense is inflated.
2) Guatemala was surprisingly expensive.
3) The "Adult Beverages" category only includes when we went out to a bar for drinks. In the numerous cases that we picked up our Firewater at a market the expense was rolled in to "Groceries."
4) The Transportation category includes all of our taxis, buses, boats and trains. The vast majority of this category was the $1050 we spent to cross from Panama to Cartegena on the Stahlratte (www.stahlratte.de).
5) Before putting together the expenses we both would have readily told you that Mexico was the cheapest country to travel in Central America and Bolivia the cheapest in the South. Costa Rica the most expensive in Central and Chile/Argentina in the South.

Two for the Road Expenses


  1. It's so reassuring to see that you spent more on gifts than on alcohol!

  2. Do you guys not know how to relax?! Amazing trip, amazing blog, amazingly inexpensive.

    Cheers - Eric G.

  3. One problem I see is that you didn't spend NEARLY enough on "adult beverages." You obviously left all your Irish at home. Don't worry, I've been taking good care of it.

  4. Yeah it seems like a few more frosty libations would have been consumed. I know my home budget looks a lot different than that. Excellent job on keeping cost low.

  5. I'm stunned by Guatemala and Honduras (and also Nica and Panama). All more than Mexico (average daily) and the first two more than Costa! Wow! I fully expect MX and CR to be our most expensive countries. And Guat, Hond, Pan, and Nica to be cheap! I'm obviously not taking into account exactly what you did in each country but it's interesting. Speaking of expenses, we spent $1200 today on vax! YIKES!

  6. Very interesting, thank you! I have to say, I am compelled to carefully analyze your expenses and provide you with an educated and well-thought-out comment regarding each or a combination of the graphs. However, this is mainly because I was required to do this for a few of my graduate classes. Well, guess what? I graduated, therefore, there will be no analyzing on my part and you will not receive an educated response from me! :)

  7. Amazingly inexpensive. I am extremely surprised how little was spent on gas! Especially considering how far you have gone. We can't wait to see your beautiful faces in September! Hugs. J&S