Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Beautiful Nothing

Before we post photos and tell stories, this last week deserves a little posting all its own. We have been challenged and frustrated, awed and thrilled. I am listening to Madeleine Peyroux, thinking of the frozen wilderness of the Salar de Uyuni and the way South toward the Chile border. The roads are a dismal combination of washboard and sand that tossed both of the bikes over several times a day, and bouldery rocks that shook bones and rattled bolts. Truly the most challenging few days of riding on our trip, and the most satisfying to have come through. I'll never forget the mountains with their vibrant colours, the high desert landscape like nothing I've ever seen. We crossed frozen rivers and ancient seabeds and saw hardly a soul for four days.

That said, yes, there will be photos. And yes, we might have starved without Woody and his little stove. Thanks Woody, for an incredible ride.
Just beginning to warm up,
Grace and Adam


  1. Sounds amazing and perspective altering. Glad you are safe, we miss you

  2. Sounds like a vision quest. Were you visited by a llama wearing red pants?

  3. Grace! I had a dream that we finally spoke on the phone last night. I'm in Santa Cruz until the 16th but once you're settled in BsAs call me so we can figure out the luggage situation. I will see you so so so soon!!!