Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cameras and Comments

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is a massive thunderstorm raging outside, lightning flashing, rain pouring down.  We are keeping cozy indoors and trying to think up a plan for the day.  Most days we spend hours walking around to different parts of the city, exploring.  Today each time I look outside or see the flashes of electricity light up the apartment I am less and less tempted to rouse myself and head out.

One of my sisters who has commented many times on our stories and photos told another sister (who hasn't) that she should make some comments because we like them so much.  I would like to add that, yes, we really really do appreciate all the comments people have left, the little notes via email, and the overall enthusiasm for our trip.  It's so nice to know that you were there along the way, peeking in on the outcome of our hours uploading photos and typing out adventures.  We literally spent 3-4 hours side by side working on each update, often on unbearably slow computers.  Not that I'm asking for pity or anything.

I've just been perusing our photo library on Picasa 3 and thought I'd give a little nod to our cameras for all they've been through.  Mine finally died when it got slammed face first into the sands of the Bolivian South.  It's been difficult not to have it in my pocket as we walk around the city, so many photo opportunities passing by!  For anyone who's interested, my camera is a Canon SD1100 Powershot 8.0.  She's been lovely, takes great photos, great video, and fits snugly into almost any pocket.  Adam's camera is a Nikon D40X with a Nikor lense, 18-55 mm.  Not small, but takes beautiful photos and definitely worth bringing along for many of the grander vistas and photogenic moments.  I won't tell you which photos came from which, because that would be crazy.

Until next time,
Grace and Adam

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  1. I've always been amazed that you COULD do any, let alone ALL that uploading and arranging and selecting from the small third-worldy places you have been. I think of the explorers that went before you, with nothing but a sketch book and a hope to get home again. Thanks, for all of it! Love, Palma