Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Adam flew home at last on Friday, August 21st and stepped off the plane into a social madhouse! From family reunions, to his cousin's beautiful wedding, to wake boarding on lake washington, to my sister Bethany's amazing graduation from the Univeristy of Washington Physician's Assistant program, it was a busy week! In between diversions I was working on finishing up five bridesmaids' dresses which I'd flown back early to sew, and which turned out beautifully!

Wednesday afternoon we picked up Peter the Girl from the Continental Airlines Cargo Bay at Sea-Tac airport, once again reassured in our understanding that, when you act like you know what you're talking about, officials just about everywhere tend to believe you;
"Do you have a Carnet for bringing this bike into the country?"
"Actually Sir, through my research I came to understand that we did not need a Carnet due to our Trans-Immigration status and to the fact that we were not selling the vehicle but rather shipping it home to ourselves."
"Uhhh... OK Ma'am, that sounds right I guess, here's your paperwork :-)"
(We actually did Not need a Carnet, but he seemed a little confused for a moment.)

Pete is looking great, and after a rather nerve-wracking ride from the airport (still in pieces on a pallet in the back of the truck) Adam managed to get the front wheel mounted and the bike rolled off and back onto solid ground. A few laps around the neighborhood to check her over and all was well.

After seven months, 12 countries, two coasts, several bouts of illness, many new friends, unforgettable feats and wonderful memories we slide back into life. What comes next? We have no jobs, no home, but prospects. We look forward to what comes, busy now with all the little details that waited while we were away (for starters, six months of unopened mail).
I can't help but wonder when our next trip will be, to where, and with who.

Thus end the adventures of Adam, Grace, and Peter the Girl.
For now...

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