Friday, May 22, 2009

Boys Underwear

(Guayaquil, Ecuador - Cuenca, Ecuador)

I know you may have jumped to conclusions at the title, but for those who are faint of heart, fear not! I only want to share that as we head farther South, we find ourselves more and more often staying in dormitory style rooms (it's fun to have bunkbeds and hang off the edge to whisper good night). Also, it's very reasonably priced. Unfortunately, I did not pack proper pyjamas. Since I've been wrapping myself in a sarong when I have to get out of bed at night, Adam suggested we look around for some little sleeping shorts. Little did he know this would turn into a healthy hour of wandering, lots of strange Latino-Man underwear (disturbingly small, tight, and did I mention small?), and very few women's shorts that didn't include matching, sparkly T-shirts. Finally we found a nice pile of semi-decent specimens and I made my decision. They are the perfect size, a combination of red and navy blue stripes (power colours) and they were only $3. They also include a handy front pouch which I intend to use for storing midnight snacks. Adam insists it is meant for something else, but I can't imagine what.

P.S. We are in Cuenca, Ecuador after an incredibly scenic ride at high altitude, which meant cooooold. Fog so thick it gathered on our visors, and was impossible to see more than 20 feet in any direction. Apparently the views were spectacular, but we wouldn't know. As we came out below the mists, we found ourselves in an alien landscape of wildly shaped rocks and rivers, then at last to Cuenca. It is a pretty little city, with large cathedrals and state buildings made from a beautiful reddish stone, marbled and pocked and standing rather formidably amongst the Spanish Colonial styles of their neighbors. Our bunkbeds are warm and comfortable, although the roof leaked a bit onto Adam's when it rained today. Luckily, he's the one on top this time! We take turns.

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