Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sea of Cortez!

(Palm Springs, USA - Puerto Penasco, Mexico)

We've just arrived in Puerto Penasco on the Sea of Cortez for our second night in Mexico and so far everything has been fantastic.  Last night we ended up in the Motel California in San Luis which, aside from the semi trucks rumbling by all night, the unexplained lumps in the bed, and the guy revving his car engine for 10 minutes right outside our window at 4am, it was just groovy.
This town is quite nice and a serious Arizona tourist destination. Clearly not one of the "Jewels" of Mexico but the servers speak English, they've got free internet and wifi, and the bathrooms are clean, so we're not complaining.
Tomorrow, we'll see if we can make it to Hermosillo.  Till the next post... Peace.


  1. Hey keep the tequila and the blogs flowing, you have a bunch of friends dreaming of leaving it all. Can't wait to hear all the stories.

    Jake and Tawny

  2. We were watching you ride through Copper Canyon. Looks amazing.

  3. Buenas noches, pasajeros! Xavier and I have been checking out the website tonight. It's fun to see your progress on the map. Xavier had a joke he wanted me to type out for Adam but then Derek came home with a lego set and Xavier forgot the joke. Another night, another night.

  4. Besos amigos. Espero que todo esta bien y que estan tomando un tiempo divertido! Les extrano!

    ciao chicos! Que quedan seguros y contentos!