Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grand Send Off

We have been in a mad rush to get everything set for the trip, 12+ hour days packing, organizing, and getting the last details put together.  We both had our last day of work on Friday, which happily leaves us this week to move out and get packed up!
We also managed to take a couple of days over the weekend to have an outrageous1980's themed going away party.  About thirty of our friends and family (some flying in from Seattle!) made it out for a fantastic night of music and dancing, drinking and debauchery.
We had a few hours of thrift store costume hunting Saturday afternoon, and then a few more hours to put ourselves together.  Adam put his new-found sewing skills to work on Kyle's ridiculously short shorts, (they absolutely had to be hemmed 2 inches) and Jenny found herself in a pretty awesome one-piece pink suit.  Matt's Don Johnson suit (complete with white loafers and belt), Adam's sleeveless shirt, my black tutu, and Anna's fabulous green and pink Chuck's, Rachel's pink hair, and Scott's vintage Adidas set up the night for good things.
The feeling we are left with is Proud.  Proud that our friends came out rockin' it.  All decked out and ready to party.
We had a great night.  The perfect send off for a fantastic adventure!!

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  1. I'm so bummed we missed this! It looks like you had fun though! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Love Jen and Sean!